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Since 1980, the German brand, ORTOVOX will accompany you in all your adventures in the mountains ensuring your security with its wide range of mountain equipment : avalanche transceiver, shovel, backpacks... Because the mountain is still a playing field unpredictable and dangerous, never get out without safety equipment, reliable and complete. Discover all the products functional and intuitive brand Ortovox. Learn more


Specialist mountain equipment, the German brand ORTOVOX accompany you and secures all of your trips in the mountains since 1980. At this time, Gérard Kampel and Jürgen Wegner created the first device to search avalanche victims. Revolutionizing the practice of off-piste with a device at two frequencies to optimize the research of victims, the two creators of Ortovox have effectively reduced the number of fatal accidents in the mountains.

The pioneer brand on the market has continued its innovations with, a few years later, the first backpack special off-track that can accommodate a shovel for avalanche. Thesafety equipment indispensable to fresh snow develops for each output in the powder is the most secure.

At the end of the 80s, the brand Ortovox develops an entire range of fabrics in wool merinos to accompany the lovers of outdoor and clothing offer both technical and comfortable. To meet the requirements of the discipline of high mountain, clothing, Ortovox guarantee warmth and functionality to its practitioners. Developing new technologies such as the Merino Guardian Shell or the SwissWool, The clothing Ortovox allow you to face the winter weather conditions by regulating the temperature of your body to take full advantage of what the mountain has to offer.

In the early 90's, the brand Ortovox introduced on the market the first transceiver able to search simultaneously skier under an avalanche with a luminescent diode are complementary. At the end of years 90, the device search Ortovox has revolutionized the market by being entirely digital for ease of use and research. In 10 years, Ortovox has been incredible progress in the research in the area of outdoor, and has secured its practitioners thanks to its know-how and his passion for the mountains.



For nearly 40 years, the brand Ortovox created the country's security apparatus for the practice of mountain climbing, high-mountain and off-piste. Because the mountain remains a terrain dangerous and unpredictable, never leave your equipment mountain safety : avalanche transceiver Ortovox, Ortovox shovel, probe, ABS. As its slogan indicates, the brand Ortovox continues to innovate and offer products in line with the various disciplines of high mountain with functional products and high-quality to become truly " the voice of the mountains ".

The detector victim avalanche ORTOVOX S1 is both effective and intuitive. Able to locate and mark multiple victims at once, it allows you to quickly analyze a situation due to its range of 60 meters and its three antennas.

The shovel, ORTOVOX BADGER 2.5 is the essential tool to any output in the powder. With a grip ergonomic, it is light and fits easily in the backpack.

Whatever adventure you have planned, it is imperative to be well prepared and to equip themselves with quality products that meet the demanding standards of the discipline. Ortovox is accompanying you in each of your getaways with all of its expertise to guarantee your safety.