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Created by an engineer and is passionate about skiing, the SCOTT brand is the reflection of more than 50 research and innovation in many sports, including skiing and mountain BIKING. Today, ski poles and SCOTT mountain bikes , are recognized for their technical sophistication and their performance on all terrains. Discover the products of SCOTT brand for your next outing outdoor. Learn more


If the first edge on a metal make their appearance in the years 30, it is necessary to wait until 1958 to ski with ski poles in aluminum. He's an engineer and is passionate about skiing, which is going to revolutionized the practice of gliding, a certain Ed Scott. The american brand SCOTT specializes in winter sports and, more specifically, in the equipment, creating an innovative brand.

After the conquest of the market of winter sports and on the strength of his curiosity and of his expertise, SCOTT will look at a variety of sports in the 70's by creating accessories for motocross. Then in 1986, the company is interested in the two wheels with the introduction of its first mountain BIKE. In the same year, the brand became a leader in the global automotive supplier thanks to the SCOTT ski polesaluminum. It is at the end of the 90s that the brand created the mountain BIKE full suspension the lightest in the world.

After 50 years of research, innovation, and passion, the SCOTT brand is now recognised as one of the leaders on the market of the equipment outdoor.


It is with the desire to improve the practice of some sports that the SCOTT brand is today recognised worldwide as a specialist sports equipment. After having created its first bike in the late 80's, the SCOTT brand continues its momentum by inventing the suspensions for mountain bikes.

Ensue in many competitions, during which SCOTT bicycles will shine and will beat all records. The brand thus becomes a sponsor for many athletes, both on the road and in the mountains.

Surrounding himself with the best engineers, and the collaboration of athletes, the SCOTT brand is going to strive to produce bicycles and mountain bikes the lightest and techniques in each area : road bike, downhill, cross-country... Offering frames that lighter bikes are more aggressive, the brand meets the expectations of everyone, amateur and professional.

For several years, the consumption patterns turn to be in adequacy with the environment. The development of electric bikes has not escaped the SCOTT brand that wants to integrate its know-how and expertise to the ecology. Semi-rigid, full-suspension, the mountain BIKE SCOTT resists impact and allows you to climb slopes and then you get into raids and schedules.