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Created in a garage, the brand of ski equipment LINE has succeeded crazy to grow while maintaining its artisanal spirit and "hand-made". They make even themselves the skis in order to provide pairs of skis unique, or the materials are chosen with care to meet the needs of the most discerning strong skiers. Learn more


It started at the university of Buffalo, NY for Jason Levinthal, who created his first pair of skis inspired by the shape of snowboards. The adventure to continue then in his parents ' garage in 1995, he creates a pair of ski in eight hours. This is how was born the brand of the ski LINE, which will make its nest little by little until the arrival of a command of the japanese order of 1000 pairs of skis. It is at this precise moment that the company LINE to change the local and is out of the garage. Orders are rare, and current summer 1997 LINE incorporates the market of ski/snowboards to rub shoulders with groups such as SOLOMON, thanks to its ultra-fun might look like snowblades. The case LINE makes progress through to the first competition in ski slopestyle X-games ". Jason and his college friend Mike Nick dispute the competition with skis developed by LINE, and won the bronze and the gold. The sizes of ski LINE evolves in the years 2000 by creating the first freestyle ski.


At the beginning pro skier to the team LINE, Eric Pollard is quickly becoming a developer's outstanding brand. By signing his first pro model of freestyle in 2004, the first of many pairs in the wake. The vision that he tries to convey through these skis LINE shows us that with perseverance and willingness, we can make skis that can be adapted to all disciplines and, in particular, the freeride. It is like this that is arrival of the range ultra-recognised series of the ski Prophet, which won the award of "Ski of The Year" award from Ski Magazine in 2006. Since Eric Pollard and LINE have never ceased to innovate and develop skis, and more efficient than ever. While surfing on the internet and gaining the award of a Traveling Circus series.


In the years 2000 LINE manufactures the first pair of ski LINE in collaboration with the professional skier Kris Ostness, the model " The Ostness Dragon." A pair is unique on the market in the shape twin tip and a length of 193 cm. This has earned it a release in the cover page of the magazine Powder Magazine's Photo Annual as being the first cover with skis freestyle. Very fast LINE is to create a team of professional to promote the brand and its famous ski freestyle with skiers of reputations such as Skogen Jumped, Mick, Nick, Eric Pollard, Dash Longe, and yet Mike Wilson. The company was purchased by the group K2 Sports in Vermont, the LINE becomes a reference brand in the field of skis for the freestyle, which is inspired by the skateboard for men as for women. LINE now extended its field of action, offering ski poles, as well as of luggage such as bag, shoes and ski bag LINE.


The professional skier has joined the LINE in 2016 to work in collaboration with the brand, and get out a pair of freestyle ski for park, street and backcountry to the image of Tom Wallish. These skis are a cardboard box, as much by their design as by the versatility, which is why we offer you to discover all our range of ski LINE and ski poles women on our site Pré In the interests of speed and practicality, you will be able to find a ski pack LINE to be able to slip away at huge upon receipt of your package.

The minis-rider are not in rest, with the junior pack ski that will allow them to evolve to the huge safe and have a progression mad you will be able to complete their equipment LINE in selecting a pair of ski poles for child on our website.