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Founded in 1953, the German brand MARKER has been able to impose itself on the market of winter sports with the manufacture of ski bindings are innovative and of high quality. Today, the brand offers a wide range of equipment for amateurs as for professionals in the discipline. Learn more


The mark of ski bindings MARKER was created in 1953 by Hannes Marker. He had the ambition to evolve the systems of ski bindings classic of the era which caused many injuries to the knee. Marker was one of the first brands to introduce on the market of fasteners, equipped with systems for freeing the boot from the ski in case of a fall. Today, MARKER has become a reference and manufactures ski bindings are among the most successful on the market of the ski.

The bindings in Freeskiing are designed with an innovative design that allows them to withstand shocks. More recently, what are the bindings of ski touring and Free touring, which saw the light of day. These have been developed to provide you the functionality and maximum comfort on the climb and optimum support of the descent. Find out on the Precision Ski the products that we have selected : ski Bindings Marker, ski Bindings for hiking, Knives... take advantage of specials on some products!


ski bindings for hiking MARKER ALPINIST cater to all fans of ascents of snow-capped. Light and typed racing, these ski bindings MARKER are equipped with multiple reinforcements at the toe and under the heel piece in order to optimize the transmission power and gain in precision. The ski bindings MARKER GRIFFON 13 are designed for the fans of freeride and freestyle. Very effective to ensure that your receptions at the huge, they also allow you to launch yourself in the snow-covered slopes virgin to make your own track. Compatible with any type of shoe, they provide a side release and good resistance to compressive forces. The stop ski with MARKER KINGPIN is a safety device and very convenient for ski bindings for hiking. Easy to install, they lock and unlock automatically in walk mode and ski mode. As for the MARKER knife SKI, it will be necessary to through land ice begin in crossings in superelevation.