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The american brand K2 has participated in the revolution of the market of winter sports. Ski, snowboard, ski boots or ski helmet , K2 equips you with the technical products to make you live a unique experience of gliding throughout the winter season. Recognized for its innovation and its passion for the outdoor brand K2 optimizes the contact with your favorite playground. Learn more



K2 Corporation was founded in 1962 by brothers Bill and Don Kirshner near Seattle in the United States. The brand is known for having been the first brand to use fibre glass in the construction of their skis. This has enabled us to get skis significantly lighter and more lively than their contemporaries in wood and metal. Since its creation, the brand K2 has continued to innovate and today offers quality products with the best technology of the time. Camber, Rocker, construction Hybritech, the product K2 are developed to bring you all the technicality you need. With wide ranges available in ski and snowboard you will find the model you need according to your practice or your level.

Make your choice from among many products at the best prices on Find the best models of Skis k2 Snowboard K2 with bindings that adapt to each model.

To finalize your equipment, Precision Ski also offers you snowboard boots which have been designed to provide you comfort and optimum support, of ski poles, Helmets and backpacks.


The K2 ski helmet VERDICT is inspired by skateboard culture. His shell hard shell absorbs shock and ensures a good level of comfort of use. Thanks to its jog dial, it adapts to all morphologies and optimizes the flow of air with the ventilation system, Passive Channel.

The pack junior snowboard K2 GIRLS GROM will be ideal for you to discover the first sensations of gliding on to your children. Very good board for a start, the small riding will set off on the trails with confidence thanks to this board easy to handle, tolerant and powerful. In addition, this pack is sold with snowboard boots in order to have the full kit to start with !