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When camping, the simplest tasks can be more complicated in nature. That's why Precision Ski has selected all the essential camping accessories for you, to spend a stay in the best possible conditions. Learn more


Essential for a comfortable campsite, the range of camping equipment for the kitchen is very varied. Hydration is especially important. You will find, on Precisionski.fr, various volumes, composition or design of gourds and other bottles to suit all your needs.

You also need to pay attention to the preservation of your food and the dishes you are going to take with you. Indeed, camping cooking is not necessarily synonymous with food sacrifices! You can enjoy good hot dishes thanks to the different stove and food systems on our website. Discover our stoves, camping pans and camping cutlery!


To deal with all possible unforeseen events, we strongly advise you to always carry with you the essential camping accessory: a multifunction clamp or a knife. When setting up your camp or even on the go, these accessories will be of great need.

In terms of sleeping, there's nothing better than a sleeping bag and an inflatable mattress or a floor mattress. After a long active day, you can only enjoy a little comfort to regain your strength.

Finally, consider taking a backup battery or solar panel to recharge your electronic equipment, essential for your GPS, smartphone and camera!