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Into the wild, combining freedom and adventure, mountain biking has spread widely throughout the world. Downhill, slopestyle, freeride, each discipline requires physical qualities and special equipment. To make the most of your playground, discover all the mountain bike equipment you need.  Learn more

If the forests and rocky paths are your playground favorite, you are at the right place ! The Mountain Bike is now the discipline's most widely spread throughout the world, so you must know that it is essential to have a good mountain bike equipement to enjoy of the adrenaline of this sport.


The material mountain BIKE brings together all the elements that participate in the pleasure of the rider, when he is on his bike. Mountain bike clothing, gloves, bicycle tires all have a very particular role to play. The comfort on the bike and in the clothes, good breathability, good protection against shocks, good protection of the eyes with the MTB mask and total freedom of movements are essential elements for the benefit of the pleasure is unmatched that provides to the practice.


The BIKE brings together several different disciplines and varied, such as downhill, cross-country, enduro, all-mountain or freeride. What is sure, is that each of these branches comprises of the thrill, the adrenaline, the love of nature, technical and of course, a pleasure to the max !

Up to you to find the practice that best suits you or broaden your field !