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To fully enjoy the summer days, it is important to protect your eyes from the sun’s harmful rays. Sunglasses are a real fashion accessory, allowing you to enjoy your outdoor activities while keeping UV rays at bay.

How to choose the right sunglasses?

The protection index

The very first criterion to take into account to find the right pair of sunglasses is the protection index. More important than the aesthetic aspect, it is an essential factor for choosing sunglasses. Because the sun’s rays are harmful and the quality of filtration is essential, it is important to choose lenses that effectively protect our eyes.

There are 4 categories of protection:

Category Weather

Light transmission

0 Comfort 80 à 100%
1 Low light 43 à 80%
2 Medium brightness 18 to 43%
3 High brightness 8 to 18%
4 Exceptional brightness and glare

(water and winter sports)

3 to 8%

Lens tinting

Photochromic lenses have the particularity of adapting to changing light conditions. The advantage of this type of lens is that it provides lasting UV protection and excellent vision in all weathers, from bad weather to bright sunshine. So you can enjoy your outdoor activities with a lens that goes from category 1 to 3 in a matter of seconds.

The polarised lens has been designed to significantly reduce glare and provide excellent visual comfort. Very popular for road, water and board sports, it blocks the reflection of light and optimises contrasts. For water and winter sports, polarised sunglasses offer high definition vision while reducing glare and providing effective protection from harmful UV rays.

Finally, Oakley’s Prizm lens is a highly advanced and innovative technology. Developed for sports, it increases contrast in order to better anticipate relief and the environment. Whether it’s golf, cycling or board sports, Prizm lenses reduce glare and refine terrain perception for better reaction and colour recognition.

More than just an accessory for your outdoor escapades, sunglasses are also a part of our wardrobe that we match with our outfits.


Founded in 1975 in California, the OAKLEY brand has become a worldwide reference in the board sports market, and more particularly in eyewear. While the brand started out specialising in the manufacture of motorbike handlebars, it quickly turned to the creation of durable and innovative sunglasses.

Sutro – Sutro Lite

SUTRO sunglasses have been designed for outdoor activities and more specifically for cycling. The wide, wrap-around frame prevents any external obstacles from interfering with vision. In addition, they are very light and offer good grip and excellent freedom of movement. For even more lightness, the SUTRO LITE offers a sporty look that cannot be ignored. Half-rimmed, they are very comfortable to wear and their wide field of vision allows you to anticipate the reliefs on the road.

SUTRO OAKLEY sunglasses


For everyday wear and outdoor activities, the SYLAS OAKLEY sunglasses with their square frames stay put even when you’re on the move. Lightweight and very robust, they are perfect for your urban adventures. This classic sporty frame has been designed to be compatible with a cap, so you can be protected and still look good.

Sylas sunglasses

Latch: the model for skateboarding

The LATCH sunglasses are very resistant to torsion and are a perfect model to send your best tricks. These round sunglasses are inspired by the world of skateboarding. Stylish and sturdy, they stay on your shirt and won’t fall off, even when you’re running. Lightweight and durable, they are appreciated for their recognisable style and functionality. Thanks to the system that allows you to clip them to your outfit, these lifestyle glasses will follow you on all your urban adventures.



Timeless, the OAKLEY HOLBROOK sunglasses harmoniously blend classic and modern styles. Their sporty look is ideal for all your outdoor activities, in winter or summer. A true best-seller of the brand, the HOLBROOK has not aged a bit! Comfortable, versatile and robust, its ergonomic design allows you to move freely while enjoying a wide field of vision. Adapting to your needs, it is flexible and will follow your every move.

HOLBROOK sunglasses

Other models

This summer, surf culture is in the spotlight with the new OAKLEY REEDMACE sunglasses. Round and rimmed, they are finished with a sophisticated look. What’s more, their plant-based frames make them an eco-responsible model that brings you closer to nature. As for the HSTN glasses, fall for their avant-garde look! Original and modern, their iconic design ensures excellent comfort throughout the day. Lightweight and durable, you’ll never want to leave them!

OAKLEY sunglasses


Specialising in energy drinks and extreme sports sponsorship, the Austrian brand RED BULL has developed a range of sunglasses and ski goggles, RED BULL SPECT EYEWEAR. The DAFT sunglasses have a wrap-around frame ideal for road cycling. With a wide field of vision, you are protected from the wind and the elements.

RED BULL sunglasses

COOPER RED BULL sunglasses have polarised lenses to reduce glare and provide a high level of visual comfort. For a game of beach volleyball or to complement your hiking equipment, this is the perfect, durable model.



Grab your skateboard and head to the skatepark! This summer, dive into the Californian universe of the brand with VANS sunglasses to be worn both in everyday life and after a surf session.

VANS sunglasses

The BREMERTON VANS sunglasses and their wrap-around frames combine comfort, vintage and a wide field of vision. Sporty and stylish at the same time, protect your eyes from the sun’s harmful rays without compromising on your style. And to complete your rider look, find our VANS t-shirts and discover the new summer collection!

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