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For several years now, fashion has been going organic with collections made from organic raw materials. Indeed, in the face of the climate emergency, brands are combining fashion and ecology in order to contribute to respect for the environment and trigger a real collective awareness.


Faced with global warming and fast fashion, some textile brands have launched a more ethical and responsible fashion. Indeed, thanks to the use of products that are non-toxic to the skin and respectful of working conditions, more responsible fashion is possible. For a responsible dressing room, initiatives are emerging on the part of brands to create more sustainable and planet-friendly clothing. From the use of organic cotton to vegan clothing, Precision Ski highlights eco-responsible brands!



OEKO-TEX® is a certification that aims to control the harmful substances that can be found in textiles. Indeed, the STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® informs consumers about textile products that are not harmful to health. Through laboratory tests, a textile chain is checked against specific scientific criteria.

OEKO-TEX® has classified four types of products according to the degree of contact with the skin:

  1. articles for babies up to 3 years old: bed linen, nappies, etc.
  2. articles in contact with the skin: underwear, socks…
  3. items that do not touch the skin: coat, jacket…
  4. furnishing products: curtains, tablecloths, etc.

The certification controls each step of the manufacturing and processing of the products, from raw products to finished products.


GOST, or Global Organic Textile Standard, is a label guaranteeing that the fabric comes from organic farming. Created in 2009, this organic certification aims to highlight :

  • Manufacturing processes that are more respectful of the planet
  • Ethical working conditions
  • The use of organic fibres
  • The guarantee that no toxic and dangerous heavy metals have been used

Present in more than 130 countries, the Global Organic Textile Standard is a highly controlled label, a true guarantee of a supply chain. Indeed, it certifies both respect for the environment and good working conditions. First of all, the environmental requirements include a ban on chemical and toxic products such as PVC, phthalates and heavy metals. But also a ban on GMOs, waste water treatment, etc. Then, in the social requirements, certain criteria must be respected such as

  • No forced labour
  • Abolition of child labour
  • Improvement of working conditions

To obtain it, several conditions for textiles:

To obtain the

Organic” label

To obtain the

composed of organic fibres” label

95% minimum organic fibre

70% minimum organic fibres

Less than 5% synthetic fibres

Less than 30% non-organic fibres
Max 10% synthetic fibres

Ecocert is the accredited certification body in France that is authorised to give the GOST label to companies.

Thus, thanks to these certifications, consumers can opt for a more responsible fashion for the planet but also for the skin.


Founded in 2008, PICTURE ORGANIC is a French brand created by three friends who are passionate about skateboarding and snowboarding. Jérémy, Julien and Vincent, originally from Clermont-Ferrand, created their eco-designed brand in order to offer responsible and environmentally friendly collections. The brand uses several methods to reduce its environmental impact: organic cotton, recycled polyester, Eco Vero™ fibres or recycled cotton.

Men’s collection

For all the backpackers and nature lovers, fall for the men’s PICTURE ORGANIC tee OKAPIN. Thanks to its very cool and neat design, it is a real call to adventure. Very comfortable to wear, it will be ideal for your summer excursions. Finally, thanks to its 100% organic cotton manufacture, it offers a soft touch on the skin while respecting the environment.

PICTURE ORGANIC men's t-shirt

Finally, the MATAIKONA PICTURE ORGANIC men’s shirt puts your head on holiday! Light and very comfortable to wear, it is ideal to wear with a chino or shorts. Finally, thanks to its stretchy fabric, take it on all your outdoor adventures.

Boxer, chino shorts or boardshorts, PICTURE ORGANIC dresses you from head to toe! Made from recycled fabrics, the PARARA men’s shorts are a very stylish, eco-responsible model. Thanks to its stretch fabric, it offers a great freedom of movement. Moreover, its chino cut is ideal for the summer and will follow you as well for chilling on the beach as for a walk in the mountains.


And for a surfing session, the NEO PICTURE ORGANIC boardshort will not leave your side all summer. Made from recycled fabric, it features Neospan and Fast Dry 4D technologies that promote freedom of movement while drying quickly. Thus, it combines comfort, style and ecology.

Women’s collection

For the warm weather, adopt the tropical style of the LONI PICTURE ORGANIC tank. In total harmony with the ecological values of the brand, it respects your skin but also the environment. Made from organic cotton, it will take you on holiday and follow you on all your summer adventures.

PICTURE ORGANIC women's tops

Feminine, colourful and stylish, discover the ALLINA PICTURE ORGANIC romper. Very casual, it has a bare back that will elegantly reveal your silhouette. Made from natural eucalyptus fibres, it offers a fresh feeling all day long while neutralising odours. Eco-friendly and sustainable, it significantly reduces the carbon footprint and contributes to the ecology.


Finally, the TULNAH PICTURE ORGANIC dress is very comfortable to wear. The brand has used renewable wood sources to make this eco-responsible model. Thanks to its elastic waist and its pretty coconut buttons, it enhances your figure while offering a trendy bohemian look.

picture organic ALINNA


Because there is no age to adopt an eco-responsible dressing, discover the PICTURE ORGANIC children’s collection. T-shirt, sweatshirt or jogging suit, discover clothes made of organic cotton to accompany your children in their daily adventures.

PICTURE ORGANIC kids collection


1% for the Planet

PATAGONIA has been committed to environmental protection and ecology since 1985. Indeed, the brand donates 1% of its turnover to international environmental associations. Through the 1% for the Planet® business federation, this non-profit organisation encourages companies to commit to environmental protection through their profits.

PATAGONIA clothing

By redoubling their efforts in the manufacturing of their products, PATAGONIA has profoundly reduced their carbon footprint and low impact on the planet. The GO TO SHIRT SURFERS PATAGONIA men’s shirt is a reflection of the brand’s values and Californian spirit. Light and fluid, enjoy your outdoor activities with an ecological and sustainable model. As for the AMBER PATAGONIA dress, its Fair Trade Certified manufacturing ensures good working conditions and fair wages for the producers. Ideal for summer, combine femininity and ecology!


For a more responsible and sustainable future, the German brand RAGWEAR no longer uses animal materials. Indeed, after having created collections from recycled materials, the brand now offers 100% vegan clothes. From bamboo viscose to hemp fabric, RAGWEAR combines sustainability, ecology and respect for your skin.

RAGWEAR women's sweatshirt

Offering a feminine and sportswear look, discover the women’s hoodie RAGWEAR TREGA ZIP is 100% vegan. Perfect for a summer stroll or an evening on the beach, it respects the environment thanks to its animal-free manufacturing. Discover other RAGWEAR sweaters on our website!

Both elegant and casual, the LEJLA RAGWEAR skirt is very comfortable to wear. Light and fluid, it offers a gipsy look thanks to its pleated fabric. Made in viscose, it is a perfect vegan skirt for summer holidays!

RAGWEAR women's dress

Finally, the TAG DOTS RAGWEAR vegan dress has a drawstring waist that will allow you to adjust it as you wish. Combine ecology and fashion with this pretty, colourful and fresh model for the season.


Certified by the Vegan Society, VEGAN OV HIGH TRAINER SUPERDRY shoes do not contain any animal material. With over 170 manufacturing controls, they are eco-responsible and environmentally friendly. Timeless, resistant and durable, they are made with vegetable pigments and recycled materials.

SUPERDRY women's shoes

Colourful, sporty and 100% vegan, you won’t want to leave them for the summer!

SUPERDRY men's shoes


UYN is an Italian brand specialising in the manufacture of clothing, technical underwear and accessories. With a desire for a greener and more sustainable world, UYN is inspired by nature to create products that are in tune with the current climate. Thanks to numerous innovations, the brand actively participates in respecting the environment.

UYN shoes

The NATURE TUNE UYN shoes are fully knitted without seams to maximise comfort. These running shoes are stable, flexible and elastic to adapt to all morphologies. They are made of merino wool which naturally fights odours. In addition, they are eco-responsible and offer thermo-regulation to ensure coolness and insulation in all circumstances.

UYN running shoes

As for the ECOLYPT UYN running shoes, they are made from eucalyptus wood fibres. Indeed, 100% natural, this fibre keeps the foot dry even during intense sports effort and provides maximum fluidity with each step. Very flexible, move on the most committed grounds!


For all outdoor and trekking enthusiasts, discover the UBIC range from MILLET. These hiking backpacks are made from recycled fabric to reduce the ecological impact. Indeed, 100% recycled, UBIC bags reduce the consumption of raw materials by using recycled polyamide. These eco-responsible products are functional, versatile and environmentally friendly.

MILLET hiking backpacks

Push back the limits of the terrain and explore new trails at altitude with the MILLET UBIC backpack. Thanks to its ergonomic shoulder straps and load retention, it maximises walking comfort. In addition, it has a waterproof flap to keep your belongings dry and cope with sudden bad weather.


VANS is a Californian brand that was created in 1991 and specialises in board culture. Having revolutionized skateboarding thanks to the creation of shoes with a waffle sole, VANS perfectly meets the needs of riders. Combining technicality, sliding comfort and durability, each product is elaborated according to the expectations of skateboarding enthusiasts. A true symbol of youth culture, the brand is committed to conveying strong values around the environment and ecology with an eco-responsible collection.

VANS clothing

The UA CIRCLE VEE VANS shoes have been designed in partnership with the Ocean Conservancy to preserve marine ecosystems and reduce plastic waste. Ecological rubber outsole, biosourced foam midsole, organic cotton and hemp upper! Comfortable, efficient and durable, they are entirely made from quality and ecological raw materials to offer a more environmentally friendly model. As for the ECO RANGE VANS men’s trousers, made from organic cotton, they offer great freedom of movement. Very comfortable and stylish, they will allow you to go in search of the best surf sport!


Specialized in streetwear and skateboard culture, KULTE is a French brand that combines creativity, freedom of expression and comfort. Committed to transparency in the manufacture of its products, KULTE makes it a point of honour to reduce its ecological footprint and thus respect the environment.

Thanks to the use of organic cotton in its latest summer 2022 collection, the brand offers eco-responsible clothing in line with its values. In order to raise awareness among its consumers, KULTE does not compromise on the inimitable style of its collections. Dive into the brand’s “positive nostalgia” and go back to the 90s!


Find the entire KULTE t-shirt collection on our website and opt for a more responsible and sustainable consumption.

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