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Climbing is a sport that is in vogue at all levels. Made an Olympic discipline in 2020, climbing allows you to push your limits by combining agility, concentration and balance.

Directly linked to mountaineering by its values and equipment, climbing is a discipline that has many benefits. Rich in learning, it develops concentration by analysing one’s trajectory and holds and by facing one’s own fears. Then, it allows the surpassing of oneself by evolving on committed and technical routes. Finally, it improves the physical capacities (flexibility, balance, strength…) of the arms but also of the legs. It is a complete sport that can be practiced indoors as well as outdoors.


It can be practised indoors or outdoors, either indoors or on a cliff. However, there are certain characteristics that differentiate one from the other. Indoor is climbing on artificial boulders. Most often, indoor climbing allows you to practice reading a route before going out into the wild. The holds are each given a colour so that the difficulty can be easily identified. Whereas outdoor climbing is an outdoor sport and is practised on equipped or non-equipped routes. Moreover, it requires a complete set of equipment to evolve safely without getting injured.


The harness is an essential piece of equipment as well as for via ferrata, for indoor as well as for outdoor climbing. Also known as a climbing harness, it allows you to be safe both when climbing and when descending. Whether you’re playing on boulders or cliffs, the harness ensures comfort, stability and safety.

climbing harness

The FL-365 ARC’TERYX harness will perfectly meet the expectations of the most enthusiastic climbers. Very comfortable, it can be easily adjusted to give you great freedom of movement. As for the BLACK DIAMOND harness SOLUTION, it is equipped with Fusion Comfort™ technology that efficiently distributes loads. In addition, it is breathable, durable and highly resistant to maximise climber comfort.

Finally, the ENERGY CAMP climbing harness has multiple easy access gear loops to open the route. In addition, their thermoformed padding adapts perfectly to all body types.


Essential for safe, a climbing helmet is highly recommended, regardless of your level. Indeed, this equipment protects you in case of a rock fall but also from shocks against the rock if you hit your head. Indeed, outdoor activities such as climbing, caving or via ferrata protect the head from frontal and lateral shocks.

climbing helmet

The HALF DOME BLACK DIAMOND climbing helmet can be used for both mountaineering and via ferrata. Very versatile and robust, the combination of the polycarbonate shell and the co-moulded foam makes it a real shield for your outdoor activities. Light and reliable, it protects you in all circumstances during your climbs. The ROCKSTAR CAMP climbing helmet optimises air circulation and keeps your head dry and cool all day long. In addition, it has a special place to hang a headlamp for all caving enthusiasts.


Choosing the right climbing shoes is essential. Indeed, you have to find the right compromise between comfort and technicality, but also choose according to the terrain on which you are evolving. Their specific shape and their rubber ensure a good grip on the holds. Versatile, they are designed for both bouldering and cliffs. The camber ensures precision and technicality to maximise climbing sensations.

Men’s shoes

men's climbing shoes

The FUTURA BLUE LA SPORTIVA climbing shoes offer fluid climbing and good freedom of movement. Thanks to their No-Edge design, their soles have a larger contact area for a unique experience. The INSTINCT SCARPA climbing shoes transmit energy efficiently thanks to the power of the heel. In addition, their curved profile will meet the expectations of the most avid climbers.

Women’s shoes

women's climbing shoes

The VAPOR V WOMEN are shoes for intermediate to experienced climbers. Adapted to the female morphology, these shoes offer an excellent fit to increase the sensations on the wall. In addition, their Vibram® sole ensures perfect grip on all types of terrain.

Finally, the LD CLIFFHANGER MILLET women’s climbing shoes will delight occasional climbers. Featuring 4PointsGrip™ rubber, they offer an excellent ratio between grip and durability. What’s more, they are versatile and can accompany you both indoors and outdoors. And thanks to their 3 velcro straps, they ensure excellent foot support.


Whether you are climbing alone or with others, the rope allows you to open the way, to be assured but also to take a break if necessary in complete safety. An essential piece of equipment for both indoor and outdoor, the rope ensures the climber’s safety above all else. Double rope (abseiling rope), single rope or twin rope, it is essential to choose your climbing rope according to your needs.

climbing ropes

The ROCKUP MILLET climbing rope is a dynamic rope for experienced climbers. It is very robust and durable thanks to its anti-friction treatment on rocks. Ideal for sport climbing, it will follow your every move in order to offer a smooth experience. As for the 9.4 BLACK DIAMOND climbing rope, it is very light and will follow you in your ascents with your climbing companion. Designed for occasional mountaineering, it is versatile and will meet the needs of experienced climbers.


To progress safely on a route, it is essential to have good climbing equipment. A real connection between the route and the climber, the carabiner is easily attached to the harness and descending safer.

climbing carabiners

The BE ONE BEAL carabiner is light, practical and easy to use. It is ergonomically shaped for safe climbing, optimising the durability of the rope.

climbing equipment

The descender allows you to abseil in complete safety. A real belay device, the BEAL AIR FORCE 3 descender optimises rope sliding and facilitates manoeuvres. Finally, the HOTFORGE 6-pack of BLACK DIAMOND quickdraws will be a great ally for your next ascents. Lightweight, these quickdraws are easy to clip onto your harness and allow you to hang on to the anchor points. They can be operated with just one finger and are equipped with the Keylock system.


Like any outdoor sport, it requires a complete set of equipment including climbing accessories. Magnesia is a hygroscopic material that helps to dry the fingers, reducing the risk of slipping. Absorbing water molecules, it offers a good grip on any type of wall. Liquid or powder, chalk is essential to enjoy the ride without the risk of falling.

climbing accessories

The MAXI COCOON BEAL chalk bag has a large opening for easy use. Very robust, it can be attached to the harness and will follow you on all your ascents. The CRAG HALF-FINGER BLACK DIAMOND climbing gloves protect your fingers from rope burns. In addition, they have reinforcements in strategic places to maximise your comfort.

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