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The warm weather is here and it’s time to get back in the saddle! To ride off the beaten track, it’s best to choose the right mountain bike equipment.

To optimise your riding comfort, discover our mountain bike equipment guide. Whether you ride a road bike or a mountain bike, your equipment must perfectly meet your needs. Depending on your playground, helmets, gloves and clothing will vary to optimise your performance.


Short sleeve jerseys

How to choose your cycling jersey?

For cross-country or all-mountain riding, the short sleeve jersey is very popular for its comfort and lightness. Ideal for summer riding sessions, they offer great freedom of movement while optimising air circulation. Very stylish and original, the FLEXAIR FOX MTB shirt is a very comfortable sporty chic model. Thanks to its stretch fabric and numerous vents, you stay dry and cool while negotiating the turns like a pro.

Short sleeves mtb jerseys

The CHARGER MC PALM KENNY RACING jersey is both light and breathable. Close to the body, you can ride against the elements without worrying about your comfort.

Long sleeve jerseys

If you are a downhill, freeride or enduro rider, we recommend a long sleeve jersey. It allows you to wear mountain bike protection underneath while maximising your freedom of movement.

FOX jerseys

The DEFEND RACE FOX long sleeve jersey has been designed for all downhill enthusiasts. Mountain bikers will appreciate the mesh panels that promote breathability and keep you dry. As for the FOX RANGER downhill jersey, it provides excellent riding comfort and dries quickly. Made from recycled fabric, it neutralizes odours and will follow you on all your DH rides.

FOX MTB equipment

The TRACK KENNY long sleeve jersey has elasticated finishes and stretch inserts to allow you to ride the most challenging terrain. Lightweight and breathable, it will be your ally for your next performances!


MTB shorts and trousers

To complete your cycling equipment, choose a pair of trousers or shorts depending on your riding style. If you’re going to ride hard, you should choose MTB trousers that will protect you in case of a fall. Like the FOX DEFEND mountain bike trousers, which have reinforced knee pads that allow for smooth pedalling without compromising rider comfort.

MTB short and trousers

For other activities, opt for enduro shorts or all-mountain shorts that facilitate movement without compromising on protection. Indeed, the MTB shorts are specially designed to wear MTB protections easily without any discomfort.


Looking for a women’s mountain bike top? At Precision Ski, we have a selection of short and long sleeve jerseys for the donwhill and road bike enthusiast!

MTB women's equipment


And because there is no age limit to discover the joy of cycling, discover all our children’s mountain bike clothing. Short-sleeved and long-sleeved jerseys, shorts or trousers to ride all year round. Find the biggest brands and equipment combining technicality and comfort to ride like a pro.

MTB kid's clothing


From back protectors to elbow protectors, mountain bike protectors are essential for safe riding. They create a shield in the event of a fall or shock and absorb impacts. Light and comfortable, they follow your every move and accompany you in your quest to excel.


The FOX SPEEDFRAME helmet has a Varizorb™ EPS shell that effectively distributes impact forces. In addition, its MIPS protection system absorbs shocks and provides excellent protection for the rider. Very light, it has numerous vents and fits perfectly thanks to the 360° Fit System retention system.

MTB helmet

The KENNY SCRAMBLER mountain bike helmet has been tested directly in the field by the team athletes. Thanks to its ergonomic construction and 17 vents, it allows riders to anticipate the contours of the track and to ride on the most challenging terrain. Very comfortable to wear, it follows every movement while ensuring comfort and protection.


Full face helmet

And for downhill enthusiasts, a full face helmet is recommended. Offering maximum protection, it has a visor and a chin strap. It protects your face from projectiles, absorbs shocks and impacts and reduces the risk of twisting.

MTB helmet

The BOMBAIR URGE MTB helmet is a DH helmet that can also be used for BMX. Thanks to its dual density foam and EPS lining, it offers considerable protection to the rider. No matter where you ride, it stays put and provides optimal protection. Just like the M1 SEVEN MTB helmet with its padded foam liner. Finally, the FOX RAMPAGE mountain bike helmet will allow you to ride safely down the mountain trails. Blast through the forest and link sharp turns with confidence and precision.

KENNY helmet

Back, Knee and Elbow Pads

For a complete bike outfit, mountain bike protectors are essential. Waistcoats, back protectors, shin guards, they combine comfort, technology and protection to follow you in your riding sessions.

FOX MTB protections

PEEWEE TITAN FOX junior elbow pads are a must for young riders. They offer freedom of movement and protection from the elements, but also in case of a fall. For downhill riding, the PEEWEE TITAN ROOST stone guard is a real shield. It is very effective and has elasticated straps and a foam frame.

MTB protections

Finally, the DBX 5.5 LEATT neck protector is a neck protector that considerably reduces the risk of neck injuries. In addition, its semi-rigid frame offers a precise fit to ensure maximum comfort.


Essential accessories, the bike gloves contribute to the comfort of riding. Essential protection for DH or freeride, they absorb shocks and impacts while repelling stone throws and other natural elements.

MTB gloves

Finally, SYNCLINE DAKINE mountain bike gloves have non-slip silicone on the fingers and are compatible with touch screens. In addition, they offer a perfect grip to maximise the riding sensation.


Protecting the eyes from projectiles and ensuring a wide field of vision, the MTB goggle is an integral part of the rider’s equipment. Combining comfort and protection, it allows the rider to anticipate terrain and not be bothered by dust. The MAIN FOX MTB goggle has an anti-fog screen and a triple layer of foam to cushion impacts while staying in place.

MTB goggles


For downhill and freeride riding, Precision Ski offers the FIVE TEN MTB shoes. Sturdy and powerful, they have been designed to keep up with all extreme discipline riders. Thanks to their grip and flexibility, they offer a maximum of sensations to the rider.  Equipped with multiple reinforcements on the exposed areas, they protect you from stone throws and other natural elements.

MTB shoes


To take only the essentials with you on your mountain bike trips, discover all our bike accessories. FOX mountain bike backpacks are compatible with a hydration bag. Very light and functional, it will follow your every move without any feeling of discomfort.

MTB accessories

Offering incredible riding sensations, the tyre must be chosen according to the terrain and the discipline practiced. Road, DH, Enduro, each one has its own type of tyre! But to choose the right bike tyre, several criteria must be taken into account: terrain, wheel size, frame size etc… For cross-country riding, the RACE’R MICHELIN mountain bike tyre offers excellent grip on mixed terrain. Equipped with diamond-shaped studs, you will enjoy a perfect grip. And for road cycling, the DYNAMIS CPORT tyre is very robust and will allow you to ride effortlessly.

MTB tyre
Whether you ride a bike, mountain bike or electric bike, it is advisable to have the right equipment to enjoy your ride fully and with confidence!

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