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Whether it’s mountaineering, hiking, skiing, trail running or climbing, MILLET is for all outdoor enthusiasts. A 100% French brand, it is above all a family history that goes back to 1921. Founded by Marc Millet, the brand was born in the Alps and began by manufacturing backpacks for the high mountains. Today, MILLET is synonymous with passion, technicality and adventure. Having equipped the greatest mountaineers, MILLET is a brand that has climbed the world’s greatest summits. And to equip yourself for your next outdoor adventure, discover all our hiking guides on Precision Ski and all the MILLET backpack.



Made from 100% recycled materials, the UBIC 30 range accompanies backpackers while bringing them closer to nature. Thanks to its eco-responsible models, MILLET develops versatile, functional and durable backpacks. The iconic MILLET backpack, the UBIC, is distinguished by its numerous straps and equipment holders for your outdoor activities. What’s more, it is perfectly suited to outdoor adventures while reducing the environmental impact.


Short for ubiquity, UBIC reflects the versatility of this backpack. From muddy paths to ridge trails, it accompanies you on the steepest terrain without compromising on carrying comfort. Designed for all mountain, hiking, trekking or ski touring enthusiasts, the UBIC adapts perfectly. Equipped with the Variloop™ system, it has numerous carrying options for attaching ice axes, water bottles, poles, tents, camping mats etc… Its ergonomic shoulder straps and load reminder allow you to evolve on technical terrain without thinking about walking comfort. Nature is waiting for you!


Specially designed for women, the UBIC 30 W bag perfectly meets the expectations of women adventurers. Its straps respect the chest while the back panel and the belt are ergonomically designed. For hiking or trekking, this women’s hiking backpack offers a large compartment and various pockets. As for its load booster, it reduces fatigue and allows you to reach the peaks without effort. Finally, this technical backpack is versatile and protects your belongings from weather conditions thanks to its waterproof overbag.

women's hiking backpack


In a 20-litre version, the more compact UBIC 20 is ideal for a day hike. Thanks to its FOAM LIGHTER BACK™ back panel, it fits the shape of your back perfectly. What’s more, it keeps you dry and cool even during an intense sporty hike. To make the most of the great outdoors, the UBIC 20 backpack is a real companion on the road. This MILLET backpack will take you to discover new landscapes while pushing your limits.



The MILLET PROLIGHTER 22 backpack is a mountaineering backpack for short climbs. Very robust, it has numerous straps and gear loops to keep everything within reach: ice axe, skis, water bottle, climbing helmet, etc. Thanks to its thermoformed X-Lighter™ back panel, it ensures excellent comfort as well as good load distribution. Ideal for a day’s sport, hiking or climbing, this MILLET backpack has a quick and very practical opening.

MILLET Prolighter 22

Lightweight and functional, it has a durable water-repellent treatment to effectively protect your belongings from the elements. Finally, its compact alpine profile will accompany you on all your climbs with comfort and commitment.

MILLET technical backpack

YARI 20 & 24

Designed for day hikes, the MILLET YARI 24 AIRFLOW backpack combines comfort, waterproofing and versatility. Perfectly suited to the needs of backpackers, it is a functional mountain backpack that allows you to carry all your gear with ease. Thanks to its ventilated shoulder straps, it keeps your body cool and dry even during a long sporting effort. Finally, designed in recycled fabric, it is an eco-responsible model that brings you closer to nature while reducing your carbon footprint.

MILLET hiking backpack

Before going on a hike, a few tips! Check the weather forecast as some weather conditions can be dangerous in the mountains. Also remember to prepare your hiking or mountaineering itinerary in order to anticipate the technical nature of the trails. Finally, equip yourself with quality, robust and functional equipment, such as hiking boots or hiking poles to overcome obstacles.

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