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At the beginning of this year, we have decided to spoil you with a contest! To protect you from the winter cold and to spend your holidays in a warm place, Ski Republic has teamed up with the BUFF Original brand to make you win 15 neck scarves!

BUFF is a Spanish brand created in 1991 by Joan Rojas, a motorbike enthusiast with a strong feeling of freedom. More than just a fashion accessory, the necklace is an essential part of winter sports. For ski touring or a snowshoe walk on the snowy trails, what could be more comforting than snuggling up in your BUFF Original. Very practical on a daily basis, it creates a barrier against the cold and bad weather while hiding your neck, ears and nose. Whether you wear it as a hat, bandana or neckband, the BUFF can be worn in many different ways!

From 19th février to 07th March 2021, try to win a BUFF neck warmer with Precision Ski!

How to participate?

The winners will be chosen by drawing lots!

How to wear the BUFF neckband?

A multifunctional and versatile product, discover the many ways to wear a BUFF neck warmer!

buff - neckwarmer

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