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Influenced by the skate and streetwear culture, the Californian brand HUF offers a wide range of clothing and accessories for all urban gliding enthusiasts. Created in 2002 by skateboard enthusiast Keith Hufnagel who became a professional skateboarder, the HUF brand has since made a name for itself on the streetwear fashion market. Thanks to a timeless and stylish design, with neat and modern details, the brand has seduced a large community while blowing a wind of creativity and freedom. If at the end of the 80s, skateboarding and street sports were perceived as a counter-culture adopted by outsiders, today it is a lifestyle in its own right.


First of all, a classic of the brand and an essential for your skateboarding sessions, discover the ESSENTIALS CLASSIC HUF t-shirt. Comfortable and light, it is just as stylish as the QUAKE BOX HUF men’s t-shirt. On top of that, shake the rails and modules and try out new tricks!

Then, for a comfort at any time, the long-sleeved t-shirt HUF DESIRE will be the ideal model. Mixing design, graphics and originality, it is a real tribute to the artistic works of our history. For cooler weather or evenings on the beach, adopt the look of the WHERE IS MY MIND HUF hoody. A nod to the 90’s, its retro style will be perfect for your sessions at the skatepark. Moreover, it is very soft and comfortable and has a fleece lining to keep your body warm.


A timeless model that has returned to the stylistic forefront, adopt the BUCKET PARAISO HUF bob hat. Very trendy, flowery and colourful, it’s a real call for holidays and a descent under the palm trees. In fact, it’s a fashion accessory that has become a cult item, ideal for your summer walks. Its look will be very appreciated by the adventurers! As for the ROSE HUF socks, they will become the favourite accessory of the riders. Ideal for your chill days at the skatepark, they stay in place and follow your every move. What’s more, thanks to their padded footbed, you can’t do tricks without them.

HUF bucket HUF sockcs


For cool days at the seaside or in the mountains, fall for the Californian style of the HUF beanie. First, it’s vera warm and soft, and it’s an essential accessory for a 100% urban look. Moreover, with a large lapel, it stays in place while ensuring a trendy riding style.

HUF beanie HUF cap

Finally, the HUF CAP ESSENTIALS cap will give you a real rider’s look. This snapback model is essential for 100% protection from the sun’s rays. Indeed, very stylish, this HUF cap can be worn as you wish during your walks by the sea or your escapades in the middle of nature.

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