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The summer season is marked by the resumption of mountain biking in the high altitude stations. Thanks to the ski lifts, a large part of the area is open and designed to accommodate holidaymakers on marked trails. Whether you’re an enduro enthusiast or a fan of downhill, find the essential equipment for mountain biking. Discover all the best brands for your next mountain bike gear !


Choosing your mountain bike helmet is an important step to enjoy the discipline safely. Not only does the helmet protect you from shocks and falls, but it also contributes to your comfort thanks to the ventilation system allowing you to keep your head cool and dry. Strong, lightweight and comfortable, MTB helmets are valuable to the rider and are part of the Mountain bike equipment. For the practice of enduro and downhill mountain biking, it is essential to opt for a full-face helmet.

MTB helmetsOffering maximum protection, the URGE MTB helmet adapts to any playground. Its EPS cap and double-density foam cushion shocks and its wide ventilation provides continuous ventilation. Just like the LEATT MTB helmet and its polycarbonate hull or the SEVEN MTB helmet. Reducing the risk of debris infiltration, it ensures an optimal visual field to get you on steep trails at full speed.OAKLEY bike helmets

And for road bikes and cross-country bikes, discover the lightness and comfort of OAKLEY bike helmets. Thanks to its aerodynamic design and BOA® system, it stays in place while guaranteeing you a speed gain with each outing. Equipped with MIPS technology, it reduces rotational forces and effectively protects in the event of a fall.



Combining comfort and protection, the MTB gloves provide the rider with a good grip to dominate the bike and gain agility. Absorbing shocks, they also protect from natural elements and projectiles. For your MTB equipment, take a look at our gloves. Bike gloves

FOX MTB gloves have a padded palm and armoured joints for maximum protection. Offering perfect grip, they will be the best allies of demanding pilots. PULL-IN junior MTB gloves have been created for budding riders! Lightweight and ultra-thin, these junior gloves combine comfort, protection and dexterity. Finally, the 100% mountain bike gloves will delight all riders involved. They optimize the circulation of air but also the evacuation of moisture for maximum comfort.



Shoes are an integral part of Mountain biking equipment. Ensuring a good transmission of power between the rider and the bike, they also contribute to comfort and performance.MTB shoes

The FIVE TEN mountain bike shoes and their urban look are versatile. Thanks to their rubber sole, they guarantee an exceptional grip on the pedals. Ultra-strong, they bring precision, comfort and control of the MTB to attack corners and gain speed with every pedal stroke.

Short-sleeved or long-sleeved, MTB jerseys are technology concentrates that play a part in the driver’s performance.

bike clothing

The FOX MTB jersey and its sleek design will follow your every move. Effectively combating humidity and perspiration, it has multiple reinforcements and protections to launch into frantic descents. KENNY ELITE MTB pants are durable and sturdy. Perfectly responding to the demands of practice, its stretch panels offer a great freedom of movement. Finally, the PULL-IN jersey and its loose fit are ideal for the DH. Very light, you won’t lack style on the slopes.



Knee guards, elbow guards and body armor are essential for the rider. Whatever the discipline, they allow you to ride confidently and safely. 
MTB protections
The LEATT neck guard and ergonomic design reduces the risk of neck injury. Its moulded shell and foam lining cushion shocks to protect you entirely. The CAIRN body armor ridge absorbs impacts while providing great freedom of movement. Finally, flexible and ventilated LEATT elbow pads resist shocks and falls to take full advantage of your freeride outings.

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