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Whether you’re going for a day hike or trekking, there’s a backpack for all practices. To find the backpack adapted to the intensity of walking, different criteria are to be taken into account. First, the equipment you need, then the type of hiking (in order to opt for a narrow backpack for the corridors) and finally your physical condition. The biggest brands of hiking equipment have designed mountaineering backpacks that meet the requirements of the terrain and the hiker.

OSPREY hiking bags

OSPREY backpacks have been designed and manufactured by outdoor enthusiasts. To reach the summits and explore breathtaking landscapes, OPSREY bags will be your companions. The OSPREY women’s mountaineering backpacks is for all the kids who want to create unique stories with each hike. With multiple compartments and a generous volume, it perfectly fits the feminine back and will delight the most curious. On the steepest terrain, it will remain in place while efficiently distributing the load.



Designed to follow you to the other side of the world, DEUTER backpacks make it easy to carry your belongings and equipment. The DEUTER hiking bag is designed for fast hiking. Very light and narrow, you can move on the ledges and in the corridors easily without any discomfort. With its multiple straps, quickly access your hardware to reach the top and exceed your goals.

DEUTER backpacks


Specializing in hiking and mountaineering equipment since 1921, MILLET was created by the greatest French mountaineers. Passionate about the great outdoors, the brand wants to bring people closer to nature.

MILLET backpacks

The MILLET backpack is an ergonomically designed bag with a large storage capacity. Robust and technical, it is ideal for day hikes. Plus, thanks to its ventilated straps and breathable belt, it offers excellent walking comfort.



To overcome natural obstacles, evolve on steep and slippery terrain and join the trails, discover all our walking shoes. Technical, robust and light, hiking shoes adapt to the terrain and accompany you in your quest for the summit. With a low or semi-rising stem, find the right pair in our selection of men’s hiking shoes and women’s hiking shoes.

Men’s Hiking Shoes

men's hiking shoes

Women’s Hiking Shoes

SALOMON hiking shoes will allow you to explore every corner of the mountain. Thanks to their GORE-TEX membrane® and their stonewalls, they will accompany you on the most rugged and muddy trails. Stable, comfortable and sturdy, no natural element will stand up to you.

women's hiking shoesAs for MILLET hiking shoes, they will be appreciated for long-distance walks. Access the most beautiful panoramas with technical and adhesive hiking shoes even on wet surfaces.



Essential for the practice of walking at altitude, hiking poles are essential for evolving on rough terrain. Uphill as well as downhill, they lighten the weight on the joints and allow the upper body to work.

hiking poles

SCOTT foldable poles are ultra-lightweight and easy to carry. As effective for trail running as for walking in the mountains, they will accompany your every move to optimize the transmission of power. As for the KOMPERDELL hiking sticks, they adapt to variations in terrain and are adjusted in seconds. These telescopic poles will be as effective in summer as they are in winter.

hiking hatsAnd to protect yourself effectively from the sun, remember to protect your head. Check out all our bob hats for walking and keep your head cool and dry!

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